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Sleepaway Summer Camp for Boys

If you're looking for a unique and exciting sleepaway summer camp for boys, look no further than Youth Adventures and our partner camps!


A Youth Adventures partner sleepaway summer camp has everything your son could ever dream of!  Many camps have paintball, archery, blade throwing, hiking, fire circles, bike paths, horses, ping-pong, photography, swimming, arts and crafts, marksmanship, canoeing, STEM, leadership training, musical theater, volleyball, baseball, outdoor living skills, wakeboarding, water skiing, musical theater, soccer, gaga ball, campfire circles, hiking trails, ropes course, fishing, and so much more!


A sleepaway summer camp for boys experience can be a great way for your child to:

• Experience new and exciting things away from home.

• Play sports and have lots of fun.

• Learn new skills and develop friendships.

• Get to know the other children from all over the world. • Grow stronger, smarter and more independent.

Archery at sleepaway summer camp for boys
Friends at sleepaway summer camp for boys
Marksmanship at sleepaway summer camp for boys
Friends at sleepaway summer camp for boys
tugofwar at sleepaway summer camp

Are you curious about what other campers have to say about their sleepaway summer camp for boys experience? Let’s hear what Aiden has to say: “Hello Everybody, my name is Aiden and I’ve been going to Camp for 4 years. I’m an explorer boy there. I think my favorite part about camp is all the memories you create. You get good memories, and good friends that you see each year" If you are ready to find out more about Youth Adventures and our sleepaway summer camps for boys, check out our website at

Should EVERY boy go to a sleepaway summer camp for boys?

In a word . . . "No".

     If a child is combative, resentful of authority, tends to endanger themselves or others, bullies or fights with peers, then this child is NOT ready for sleepaway summer camp for boys.

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