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Sleepaway Summer Camp

Do your kids need a summer break? Are you looking for someplace fun to send them? Check out a sleepaway summer camp! What is a sleepaway summer camp? Overnight summer camps are a great way for your child to spend their summer. These camps offer a unique and exciting experience that you can't get anywhere else.


There are all sorts of different camps to choose from. Some camps focus on specific activities, like horseback riding or music. Others are more general, and allow campers to choose their own activities each day. Youth Adventures partner summer camps have it all! We offer more than 50 different activities for your camper to choose from. These activities are designed to provide your child with a well-rounded summer camp experience. Our activities include arts and crafts, sports, nature, water skiing, tubing, kayaking, wakeboarding, archery, marksmanship, theme park trips, and more. Sleepaway summer camp doesn’t get any better than at a Youth Adventures partner camp. Check out to learn more.

Sleepaway Summer Camp

Why A Sleepaway Summer Camp Experience

Sleepaway Summer Camp

What Are the Advantages of Sleepaway Summer Camps? Sleepaway summer camps offer children and teens a unique opportunity to explore the world beyond their hometowns. These camps provide a variety of activities, from outdoor adventures to educational programs, that allow campers to learn new things and make lasting friendships.


Sleepaway summer camps can also be a great way for kids to develop independence. Campers learn how to get along with others that have different points of view, or that challenge their patience, and how to manage their time. This can help them become more self-sufficient, self-disciplined, and able to cope with less than ideal situations.

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